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    How to clean the crusher after use?


    How to clean the crusher after use? The pulverizer must be cleaned on time, and several core cleaning problems are illustrated. Today we are going to talk about the matters that must be paid attention to when cleaning the crusher.

    1. Before shutting down the machine, we should make sure that there is no residual material in the crushing chamber of the crusher

    2. First disconnect all switching power supplies to ensure that the pulverizer is not plugged in and prevent accidents.

    3. In the process of removing the crusher, place the disassembled parts, especially the standard parts, together. Prevent rolling loss of bolts and nuts

    4. In addition to professional technicians cleaning the crusher, we must also send professional staff to monitor around it. And remind other staff not to approach

    5. After the cleaning work is completed, when installing the removed parts, they must be tightened to prevent looseness.

    6. Finally, a complete inspection will be carried out on the spot, especially for the crushing chamber, to prevent the use of tools left behind.

    7. After all the work is done, remember to keep the environment beside the crusher clean and tidy, so that it can work under good conditions.

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